Rhinoplasty: Correcting Your Nose Without Surgery With Peako Toothed Wires

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We knew the dental floss, the thread to cut butter, the thread to the leg, the razor thread, the breadcrumbs, the red thread, the Scottish thread… We will now also have to rely on the rectifying thread of the nose! A new implant is all the rage, especially in Korea. And avoids, in simple cases, resorting to surgical rhinoplasty with a rhinoplasty expert.

What can faults of the nose be corrected with the notched wires?

You can refine the nose, straighten the tip, correct a slight asymmetry, hide a small bump. The work is done by sliding two or three threads under the skin, in contact with cartilage and then bone. These are introduced after making a pre-hole at the tip of the nose and brought up along the ridge.

What is the difference between PEAKO yarns and hyaluronic acid injections?

– The insertion of the threads is very fast (less than two minutes) and, above all, much less risky than an injection of hyaluronic acid, which requires a trained hand, because of the vascular risks that can arise and lead to disasters such as partial necrosis (rotting) of tissue.

– Needle injections of hyaluronic acid, however, allow finer work. They allow the smallest defects to be rectified.…